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    While I'm not fan of being involved in the Middle East, I can at least understand the reasoning for putting troops in Saudi Arabia.

    Trump wants to create peace in the Middle East. In order for that to happen, Israel's right to exist has to be acknowledged by the major players in the region. The new regime in Saudi Arabia, as well as several other Muslim nations, have done just that & pledged to work with Israel on a ME Peace Plan. Trump also wants low gas prices. In order for that to happen Saudi oil supply has to keep flowing. The one common foe of peace, one who is dedicated to eliminating Israel from the map & is trying to spike gas prices, is Iran. They've also been secretly working with former Democrats toward their common goals of strengthening Iran, hurting the Saudi & damaging Trump domestically. It doesn't shock me, or anger me that Trump's shifting troops to defend Saudi Arabia's oil fields from Iran & the Democrats.

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    Dude is such a clown. That’s what happens when your turn Trump into your deity of choice.

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