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    Default MN Daily: Team Reflects on the Season
    “We went through a stretch where we didn’t win in the Big Ten,” said Mercedes Staples. “But we came back stronger and pushed through that. … We know there’s a lot of potential that can help us leading to next year.”

    Staples remains hopeful about the future of the team, given her relationship with Whalen.

    “It was amazing; her basketball IQ is incredible,” Staples said. “She taught me so much after just one year, so I’m excited to have three more with her.”


    Staples’ teammate, junior Taiye Bello, described the emotions that overran the team locker room following their season-ending loss to Cincinnati.

    “It was a tough loss, and it was a really emotional locker room, but at the same time, now that the game is over, we have a lot to be grateful for. We went through a lot of growing pains this year, but we also were able to push through that. We had a slump in the Big Ten, but then we were able to go on our winning streak,” Bello said. “It was a lot of reminiscing and looking back on the season. I’m going to miss the relationship I had with the seniors and the role that they played off the court for the team.”

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    Happy to hear that the gals learned much from Whalen just in one years time. I look for good things in the future.

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