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    Default Reusse: Alexis Hart Grew from Athlete to Player

    “It’s going to be an exciting weekend,’’ Alexis Hart said. “First, Iowa … then we can get ready for Nebraska.’’

    Hart is a junior outside hitter for the Gophers. Two years ago, she arrived from Kansas City to help fill the gap created by the graduation of the tremendous Daly Santana, and the Gophers went to a second consecutive Final Four.

    She was not tall compared to Big Ten hitters — 6 feet — but a terrific athlete who could take the air out of the Pav when she delivered a kill with full force.

    “Alexis had a very good year as a freshman,’’ coach Hugh McCutcheon said. “You’re new, they are new. When you have a freshman year like that, they start looking at you deeper.’’

    The intense scouting leads to opponents’ adjustments. And the player must adjust in return.

    “Alexis came in with some very unique skills and talent,’’ McCutcheon said. “As a freshman, she was a very good volleyball athlete. As a junior, she is a very good volleyball player.’’


    Hart’s mother, Knea Robinson-Hart, played basketball at Oklahoma. In grade school, Alexis was fast and could jump and saw track and field as her athletic future.

    “I was going into the seventh grade and my mom said, ‘You have to play basketball,’ ” Alexis said. “My response was, ‘What can I do, instead?’ and she said, ‘You could play volleyball.’ ”

    Hart wound up playing both, but with a strong preference for volleyball. “I didn’t like basketball that well,’’ she said. “I’m an outgoing person. I liked the constant enthusiasm of volleyball.’’

    Those celebrations after every point — 75 at a minimum, when you win a match?

    Alexis smiled and said, “I love those.’

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    I really hope the gals aren't overlooking Iowa!! I don't think they are ... but that first quote makes me a little nervous. Cautiously optimistic for a sweep. We will see ...

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    Done. Now they are battling to close out NB. Need this after the beating our FB team took today.

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