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    Default Strib: Bob Motzko on a Mission

    But the 57-year-old coach recognizes that bond takes time to build, and he doesn't even know all his players' names yet. He's called at least a dozen of them the wrong name, finally resulting to: "Hey, you." Practicing in helmets with tiny numbers on the back hasn't helped either because Motzko hasn't memorized their jerseys. Senior captain Tyler Sheehy said Motzko has joked he's going to write everyone's name on tape and stick it to their helmets, just like in mites hockey.

    Despite the team only just having made it through the awkward feeling-out process of a new coach, Sheehy said it's clear how Motzko will bring a different vibe to the program.

    "He really wants to build relationships with players and get to know them," Sheehy said. "Other than just being a coach who's just a coach, [he's] being a coach who is interactive with his players and gets along with the guys, and he wants to be in the loop.


    That yelling doesn't often translate to the practices he runs, though. The coach prefers up-tempo drills and avoids time spent drawing up plays on the whiteboard in favor of freeing up players to tap into their instincts. And while he had ambitious hopes of having his players completely comfortable with his fast system in time for the first game, he's realized now the team's "in but not settled."

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    It may take a good part of the first year for the players to adjust to the new style, but I think it was a very good move for the program.

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