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    Default Anyone else getting spam from the site?

    Recently I get redirected to a spam page when on Gopherhole. Anyone’s else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick08 View Post
    Recently I get redirected to a spam page when on Gopherhole. Anyone’s else?
    Sounds like an issue with your browser or spamware/adware. Delete cookies and temporary files and check for viruses.
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    Or better yet, donate to the site and have no ads at all.
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    It's why I never go on this site on my phone. I always get redirected to a fishy site that says I won a 1000$ or something. You NEED adblocker on this site or it's not worth visiting.

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    The redirects have gotten very bad the last few days. Clearing website data/cookies temporarily helps. This is on IOS and Safari. Perhaps I will need to use a supplementary filter or the next IOS update will strengthen the native Safari ad blocker.
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    Access this site from my phone using Chrome. Haven't had any issues.
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    I'm in the can't access this site on my iphone group or I will receive winning prize alerts for the next 15 minutes....the only way to get rid of them is to log in again and start over. This Only happens from visiting Gopherhole.

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    Yes always a issue winning money.

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    We will look into this ASAP and have alerted our IT partner.

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