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    Default Minnesota club lacrosse team sets sights on championship, Division-I realization

    per the Daily:

    While most students are sound asleep at 6 a.m., head coach Rich Limpert and his club lacrosse team are hard at work.

    His players are already on the practice field, running sprints and going through drills. They have a dream to be more than just a club team, and they intend to make it a reality. For the last six years, Limpert has coached with the hopes his team will be the next club team to make the jump to Division-I.

    "I truly believe we are ready," Limpert said. "But it really comes down to money."

    The team currently practices at the Students Recreational Sports Field, which is meant for intramural sports and other club teams. The field would need a few changes to accommodate the team at a D-I level such as more availability for their winter schedule and seating.

    Title IX requirements for an equal number of men's and women's athletic scholarships could make it hard to secure scholarships for the team's athletes as well. However, Limpert doesn't see this as a problem.

    "Theoretically, it could be great," Limpert said. "Men’s and women's could both become D-I together."

    Go Gophers!!

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    Time to begin making another stadium? We're the stadium metro of the U.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by #2Gopher View Post
    Time to begin making another stadium? We're the stadium metro of the U.S.
    How about using ELR Stadium on the St. Paul campus?
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    No, you'd have a single stadium for soccer and lacrosse. They have similar dimensions and can have a single artificial turf field, to cut down wear of 3 or 4 teams using it over the spring and fall seasons. Would be nice to have it on the East Bank too, with the rest of the athletics facilities.

    Should add men's soccer while they're at it. Men's volleyball too!

    None of this is going to happen, of course.

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