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Thread: Offense Schemes

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    Quote Originally Posted by t-docious View Post
    Well RUTM 75% of the game didnt seem to bode too well for the kill/claeys era
    you saw Mn's passing game. right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewert86PC View Post
    What offensive sets/schemes just plain do not work in the Big Ten?

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    Anything the gophers have used in the last 10 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Plains Gopher View Post
    Pro style pass-on-most-downs doesn't seem to work very well - you get basketball scores. Two Nebraska coaches failed at it and so did Jim Wacker at the U.
    Worked for Tiller

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    Quote Originally Posted by t-docious View Post
    Well RUTM 75% of the game didnt seem to bode too well for the kill/claeys era
    Define "work"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by salzie View Post
    Well, he had Drew Brees
    And an Offensive Line that held on nearly every passing play and just dared the Refs to call them for it.

    Few Refs would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_Loblaw View Post
    Pass on most downs was a college thing before it was an NFL thing.

    When I think "pro style", I think of almost like the west coast offense (Bill Calahan), where it is a lot of the short passing precision type of routes. I don't think of spreading it out and throwing out of the shotgun.

    To answer the OP, all systems work, it's about execution.
    I was thinking Walsh

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    Over the course of my lifetime, I've seen virtually every possible type of offensive scheme be successful. And I've seen the same schemes fail miserably.

    It all comes down to execution and personnel. the right people with the right coaching running the right play.

    In the 60's and early 70's, option offenses were the thing - the wishbone, the veer, the triple option. Then, the game opened up, and we started seeing run-and-shoot type offenses. Then things became a bit more balanced. And now, we almost see conferences each having their own identity. B1G tough and physical. Big 12 wide open, 60 passes a game. SEC run-based with some play-action passing. Of course, there are exceptions within each conference.

    But, in a nutshell, I would say any scheme can work, if you commit to it 100%, and have the right coaches and the right players to run it. Then, all the coaches will get together at a clinic and brainstorm a way to slow down the new hot offense, and everything will evolve again.

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