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    So there were news articles on this situation before Jones was named as the suspect. So it sounds like after hitting the guy, an adult and a juvenile went to assist the victim, who was chocking on his own blood. Jones fled the scene. The police sought the public's help figuring out who the suspect was, the very next day Jones was at a Chris Paul basketball event, knowing that police were looking for him, acting as if everything was normal according to people there. Jones was finally identified and a warrant was issued for his arrest, and he later turned himself in, all while, according to the university, never informing the school of the situation.

    Hard to defend him with the actions he took after the incident.

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    Wild guess: he was originally thinking it was just for assault and trying not to get caught for punching someone. At least when he found out the guy died he had enough sense to turn himself in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFawkes View Post
    How does stand your ground even apply here if Jones followed the guy to the sidewalk?
    Good question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gophers7NatTitlesBadgers0 View Post
    This is starting to look like a stand your ground case though I admit to not knowing the laws about this in NY. I would feel like Szabo was a threat if I was in this situation.
    Sounds like you scare easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregon Gopher View Post
    How drunk are you?

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    Some things can't be blamed solely on alcohol.

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