First up: Houlfat "Happy" Mahouchiza

GS: When did you move from France to the United States?
HM: "That was August of 2016."

GS: Did you come here specifically to play basketball?

HM: "Yes."

GS: What was that adjustment like moving from France to America?
HM: "I'm used to not being home with my family since I was 14, so I don't get homesick a lot. But to change to a whole new country, a whole new language and new lifestyle wasn't easy."

GS: What were some of the hardest parts about moving?
HM: "Probably the language. I knew some English before I moved, but it wasn't that good."

GS: How would you describe yourself as a player?
HM: "I'd say I'm a power forward, so a forward that can go on the wing, too. I'm versatile, so I can post up or take shots or dribble to the rim. I think those are some of my strengths."

GS: So how did you end up at Minnesota? What was the recruiting process like for you?
HM: "I was at a junior college in Georgia (South Georgia Technical College) and both years we went to the juco national tournament; I believe Minnesota saw me there. I was named to the Freshman All-Star team and started getting many contacts and offers after my freshman season. I wanted to commit early; I already had enough offers to make my choice in November. I tried to take visits to all the schools that mattered to me. I came to visit Minnesota in October, and I really liked the school, the facilities and the players."