per Sid:

Q How do you feel about your new men’s hockey coach?

A Bob Motzko has come in here and been a tireless recruiter throughout his entire career, and we’re seeing that now. He has done a phenomenal job recruiting for us. He has done a great job of picking up where Don [Lucia] left the program. Don did a wonderful job for us for those 19 years, and Bob has taken that transition well and is working closely with Don and taking our Gopher hockey program on the next step. We’re happy with where we’re going.

Q There has been some talk of the Big Ten Network losing revenue.

A The Big Ten Network is a significant part of our budget, as it is everyone in the Big Ten. I don’t know the exact dollar figures, but that exposure for our team and for our department is a big help as we move forward.

Q How about your budget compared to Iowa and Wisconsin?

A Well overall, I know last year I believe we were eighth in the conference in overall operating budget, both Iowa and Wisconsin were ahead of us in terms of their operating budget. We were eighth. We talk all the time about how we have to be innovative in how we maximize our resources to make sure we provide an excellent experience for our student-athletes and coaches, to allow them to compete at a high level. We were eighth or ninth in the Big Ten last year with our operating budget.

Go Gophers!!