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    Default NCAA Overtime Rules Standardized-Maybe

    Shootouts for an extra point in the conference standings? On the way out. Three-on-three overtime? Likely kaput. Different overtime rules for different conferences? Going away.

    The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Rules Committee on Thursday approved a standard overtime format that would begin in the 2018-19 season. Teams would play five minutes of five-on-five sudden-death overtime, and if neither team scores in OT, the game would be declared a tie. This applies to all regular-season games and in-season tournaments. In NCAA tournament play, five-on-five, 20-minute sudden-death OT periods will remain.

    The move would eliminate alternate formats to award points in conference standings, including shootouts and three-on-three OT periods. Any rule changes must get approval from the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which will discuss it in a July 25 teleconference.

    Gophers coach Bob Motzko, who coached St. Cloud State this season before taking the Minnesota job, was in favor of a uniform OT rule. “It’s confusing for fans,’’ Motzko said in May. “It would be nice if we could get on the same page.’

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    Good. Although I would argue for 4 on 4 for OT to try decide more games but ether way, get rid of the BS extra points. NHL should follow suit

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    Maybe was the chosen option:

    Three-on-three overtime and shootouts will remain in men’s and women’s college hockey in 2018-19 after the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Thursday approved a proposal that would allow conferences to use one of two formats to award points in their standings after a mandatory five-minute, five-on-five sudden-death overtime period.

    If a game remains tied after the five-on-five OT period, conferences can end a game in one of three ways:

    ** Declare the game a tie. This is what Hockey East, the ECAC and Atlantic Hockey used this past season.

    ** Go directly to a shootout. This is the model the Big Ten used in 2017-18.

    ** Play five minutes of three-on-three sudden-death overtime, then use a shootout if the score remains tied. This is the system that the NCHC and WCHA uses.

    The Big Ten has yet to decide on its overtime/shootout format for the 2018-19 season. But if it was up to new Gophers coach Bob Motzko, the conference would add five minutes of three-on-three OT and then to go to a shootout if needed.

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