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    Default Coyle: Everywhere I go in Minnesota, I make sure to mention that I hired Lindsay

    per Marcus:

    Before the head coaches spoke in front of hundreds of Gophers fans Tuesday at Torey’s Restaurant and Bar in Owatonna, athletic director Mark Coyle tried to warm up the crowd by introducing his “Big Five” representing the U’s highest-profile sports.

    The coach receiving the biggest round of applause was no surprise.

    The second Coyle mentioned women’s basketball coach Lindsay Whalen, the room lit up to welcome her on the first stop in the Gophers coaches caravan tour, which connects with fans throughout the state during the spring and summer.

    “Everywhere I go in Minnesota, I have to make sure to mention that I hired Lindsay Whalen,” Coyle said with a smile.

    Go Gophers!!

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    Well Mr. Coyle, with those remarks you better make sure you continue to get the resources she needs to be successful.

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    In Lindsay we trust !

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