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    There is a fairly long history of player-coaches or player-managers in pro sports, but in every case, they were coaching or managing the team that they played on, not a different team.

    Bill Russell won 2 NBA titles as a player-coach for the Celtics. I think the most recent example is Pete Rose, who was a player-manager for the Reds for a couple of years.

    Of course, in today's world, being a coach is a year-round job, so Whalen is facing a more difficult challenge. If I had to bet, I would say this is her last year as an active player for the Lynx. I'm sure she was hoping to go out with one more title, but the Lynx will have to turn things around in a hurry if they want to pull that off.

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    Maya has not been great and the team is old and that is the problem Lindsay is very old and that is a problem, and Simone is old as well. Maya, Burnson and Sylvia have to carry this team if anything great is going to happen and Maya has not been up to snuff.

    All this whining and worrying about for a 36 year old with a fairly stout physique to be an elite PG is misguided. Most of the WNBA players play a long European season where they make the real money, and Lindsay has not done that for at least two years so she is fresh. She is just getting old and thick (for a PG) and the Gopher job has nothing to do with any of this. And to retract the earlier comment, Lindsay W. has always been a very sturdy player, so being 36 is the issue most likely, not anything else.

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    Cheryl Reeve has to start thinking of a youth movement.

    Lindsay Whalen has a determined fighting spirit, but the sun is setting on her career as a pro player. Michael Jordan fought age, but came to the realization that while the spirit was willing the body wasn't quite what it used to be.

    I'd say this will be the last season for her playing for the Lynx. We shall forever be grateful for the Lynx being the only MN pro team to bring four championships in the recent era.

    Lindsay Whalen was part of a team that energized the crowd. Since her arrival in a trade with the Connecticut Sun, the Lynx has an average season attendance of 10,407. Only the LA Sparks with 11,350 is higher.
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