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    Completely agree, Section2. RB is probably our deepest position group on the roster, or at least the one where I have the least fear of losing a starter.

    Yes, it is a hit to lose Brooks this year. However, I have full confidence that a couple of the other RB's on the roster already or one of the FR coming in will help fill the void. In addition to this, I think it does help us develop the talent for the future by giving one of the younger guys a chance this year to backup Rodney. Then, as long as Shannon comes back healthy, we have him to carry the primary load the following year with improved depth versus losing both our two workhorses and having to play multiple brand new players with extremely limited experience.

    Finally, improved OT will definitely help reduce the impact of this loss.

    Next man up!

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    I have always liked Mo Ibrahim. Also, we should remember, Vic will be like an extra running back.

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    I think Ibrahim will be the #2 back. He is tough and he can make people miss.

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    Cobb, Smith, Brooks, and McCrary all kind of came out of nowhere when an injury or ineffective starter presented an opportunity. If I had to place a bet, I'm thinking one of the true freshman will end up being the primary backup to Smith.

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    From what I hear coaches say carrying the ball is not the only skill needed for running backs. Some coaches won't play backs that cannot or will not square up, take on, and stop blitzing linebackers. I was really impressed with Michigan's running backs willingness to do this when Lloyd Carr was there.

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    That's the catch-22 with playing young RB's. If you have a kid who's a good runner, but can't catch the ball or block, when he's in the game, you're basically telling the defense that he's going to run.

    The perfect situation is to have a back or backs who can do all three. But, if you don't, you try to come up with packages for each back to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

    I could see one of the FR RB's getting 5-10 carries a game as a change-of-pace. But Smith and Femi-Cole will get the vast majority of the carries as long as they're healthy.

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