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    Default B1G Game 6: Gophers visit Rutgers (1-13-18)

    James Naismith would be Proud

    Any doubts about old school Rutgers (4-1) return were dispelled by Wednesday’s 47-33 loss at Purdue. Not only has the 55 defense reappeared in its suffocating glory; but so has the more than occasional contest where peach baskets and ladders would not impede a games progress. The Scarlet Knight’s retro offense eked out four first quarter points to trail Purdue 10-4. Rutgers followed that effort with a 6 point second quarter explosion sending them to the locker room trailing 25-10. The game was awesome in its tediousness. Purdue controlled the Scarlet Knights with a 2-2-1 zone press after made baskets. And facing a disrupting Boiler 2-3 zone Rutgers stilted offense shot 1-20 from three.

    It was the easily worst game I’ve seen Rutgers play this season. Purdue which itself often appears liberated from caring about offensive ugliness was a full participate. Ugly versus ugly in West Lafayette.

    Oddly, for such a low scoring game, Rutgers was not their normal hound you all over the court defensive selves. Usually, Rutgers makes opposing post players feel like they are playing in a broom closet with the brooms hacking away at their arms. On Wednesday, Purdue was able to operate one on one under the hoop. In general, the Boiler’s kept the ball moving and made it difficult for Rutgers to get their normal double and triple teams. It also helped that referee trio of Morris, Trammell and Inouye called Rutgers for hacking fouls which frequently go uncalled. In the game, the Scarlet Knights committed 20 fouls and Purdue 6.

    Nevertheless, with Tyler Scaife’s return the Scarlet Knights have bounced back to relevancy. Earlier this year they defeated Purdue in Piscataway 58-50, won at Michigan State 61-58 and have home victories over Illinois 76-37 and Penn State 70-65. Rutgers is more than Scaife. In conference play C. Vivian Stringer has 9 player averaging more that ten minutes a game. She used 13 players on a frustrating Wednesday night.

    The Purdue loss was Rutger’s third loss of the season. The other two were to South Carolina 78-68 and Washington State 63-60 at Flohoops in Estero Florida. Rutgers rallied late in both games.

    Last Season: At Williams Arena the Gopher won easily 80-46 finishing off the Scarlet Knights with a 49-26 second half run. Bell and Hubbard each scored 19 points and Gadiva gathered 8 rebounds. Jazland Rollins scored 10 points with 8 rebounds for Rutgers.

    Two seasons ago was the last time Minnesota faced Tyler Scaife. Minnesota dropped the first match-up in Piscataway 66-65 and won the second in Williams 85-72. Scaife scored 23 in the first and 16 in the return. Carlie Wagner scored 22 in each.

    Starters with B1G Stats:

    5’9” G Sr Tyler Scaife 15.5 points/game
    6’2” F Jr. Stasha Carey 6.6 points/game and 6.6 rebounds/game
    6’3” C Jr. Victoria Harris
    5’7” G Jr Khadaizha Sanders
    5’7” G Fr Kate Hill


    6’3” C So. Jordan Wallace
    5’10” G Gr Nigia Greene 7.5 points/game

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    Scaife is also among the active leading scorers in Division I:

    1 Kelsey Mitchell , Ohio St. 2,998
    2 Katelynn Flaherty , Michigan 2,431
    3 Jasmine Nwajei , Syracuse 2,135
    4 Victoria Vivians , Mississippi St. 2,013
    5 A'Ja Wilson , South Carolina 2,013
    6 Tyler Scaife , Rutgers 2,007
    7 Kolby Morgan , Tulane 1,986
    8 Tyra Buss , Indiana 1,968
    8 Kahlia Lawrence , Mercer 1,966
    10 Carlie Wagner , Minnesota 1,918

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    Wow, didn't realize Mitchell was already so close to passing Banham. Four games or so?

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    Gotta hit shots when they're open. Less passing might be good against Rutgers. They're on every sloppy pass.

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    Dug out of a 10-0 hole to cut it to 17-12 after 1.

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    Shooting 25% and only down 5 at the end of first. I'll take it.
    Seems like another "should have stayed in bed" performance by Bell.
    Ignoring wide open players at the three and forcing the me-ball.

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    Gophers have only played 7. Rutgers have played 11. Who's gonna get tired down the line?

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    Gophers in the bonus with 4:35 left. Let's take full advantage!

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    Not a good game by Bell, I know Rutgers defense is special but some of her TO seem to be just bad decision making. Diva keeping them in the game tho. Hope Pitts and Bell find their rhythm in the second half.

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    Staying close.... just can't get over the hump.

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    Tie ball game with 4:41 left in game! Nice fight in this team.

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    Bell choke! OMG

    Now we gotta go to OT

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