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    Frustrating and disappointed. Great overall season thou, thinking our ladies have this and will be playing for a national championship.

    Oregon is a good team, hope they win it all. It might make the ladies, coaches and fans feel somewhat better.

    Still disappointed that this game was not on national TV!

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    Love watching them play; am bummed; and I don't understand the finer points of the sport. Question to people who do. Why was the little dink into the middle so effective and how did they need to cover it?

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    I think there were the same differences when they played them at the pre-season. MN passing/defense breaks down. Oregon's setter is a beast! She's the quarterback that not only throws on a dime, but also rushes when she needs to. They played very smart volleyball, swinging at will, and exposing MN weaknesses. The weaknesses MN has is a setter who's not the best defensive player and when in the blocking position, Samedy is right behind her. And she's not the best digger. I understand keeping Samedy rotating through the back for more offense when SSS is in the front, but you're giving up passing. And if you don't have passing, you can't utilize Samedy as another hitter regardless. Could pulling Samedy from the back row and putting in a more solid passer helped in that 3rd set?

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    I think the Gophers over-achieved this year. Didn’t some experts/publications predict them to finish 5th in the Big Ten at the start of the season? And they are a young team when you look at 5 freshmen and sophomores in the starting lineup. Contrast that with 4 seniors and 3 juniors for Oregon.

    I am no volleyball expert but it sure seemed like there were quite a few times this season where opponents hit over the Gopher block quite easily during stretches of matches. Here’s a question for you volleyball pros. If net pressure is lacking, can that make the defense look worse than it is in the back row? Sort of how the football secondary can look worse than they are when no one is pressuring the opposing quarterback? The serving didn’t seem very aggressive either. Too easily received by Oregon.

    Will be interesting to see how Nielsen runs the show in the spring scrimmages. They always have 2 or 3 of those, right?

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    Except for the second-seeded Gophers, the seeding committee is looking pretty good: #1, #3, and #4 made it to the Final Four, and minus the #2 Gophers, #1-#8 all made it to the regional finals.

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    We are the Minnesota Vikings of volleyball. Good but never good enough. This was a big choke job.

    Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I choose to play stupid, but trust me, I know everything you think I don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maroonfive View Post
    We are the Minnesota Vikings of volleyball. Good but never good enough. This was a big choke job.

    Go Gophers !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would have to agree, so disappointed after such a great regular season.

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