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    Default Trying to understand Coach Stollings

    If this team is trying to compete in the Big Ten wouldn’t it be more desirable to put a quicker line-up on the floor so that they could utilize that speed more in their running game. I like Bello and Kaposi because of their rebounding, quickness and speed. They are quicker to the ball on defense as well. Continue to use Pitts with this group to add rebounding and scoring. Have Wagner play back court with Bell and those two could run the break. Have Hubbard coming off the bench because she lacks the quickness and speed the others possess and is a liability on defense. I would continue to play Brunson a lot. Just putting this out there. What do you think?

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    If what you mean is swapping Kaposi for Hubbard. I wouldn't. But Hubbard does need to pick up her defense (I think the zone hasn't helped) and she needs to steady up her three point shooting.

    What Stollings does need to figure out is how she is going to utilize the post position. Earlier in the year I assumed Taiye would be starting; but we don't know if that will be the case in the B1G or even how Bello works into the offense other than rebounding.

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    A couple of random thoughts...I agree that Bello should get most of the minutes at the post. I like her athleticism and I like that she's active. She's not yet much of an offensive force, but in recent games, she's shown some ability to hit some 8-10 foot shots. I wouldn't start Kaposi, but I'd like to see more minutes for her, because (again) she is more athletic and more active. And she is definitely willing to go after rebounds. She hasn't yet shown much offensive ability, but some of that may be on Stollings. There have been games this year when Kaposi hasn't played at all. Hubbard is a bit of a defensive liability, but she seems to be able to make some entry passes to the post. Not sure why, but Pitts rebounding figures have now fallen substantially. Part of that is because she is hanging out around the arc on the offensive end. She's a good 3-point shooter, but it's my fear that other clubs are soon going to realize that she's not willing to drive to the basket and they'll then easily be able to defend against the 3 with her. I had hoped that Stollings would use the non-conference schedule to develop a rotation, but she doesn't seem to be interested in that at all based on the rotation in recent games. And the merry-go-round we have going on with the post players is absurd. She doesn't need to give playing time to four different post players. (Although I understand why Lamke has been getting more minutes. I can at least see some improvement coming from her.) Either way, my vote is for Bello at the post....and then I don't care who the backup post(s) are.

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    New theory of this season's godawful schedule: Stollings is checking out triple-digit RPI schools where she would be a good fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatjanelpick View Post
    New theory of this season's godawful schedule: Stollings is checking out triple-digit RPI schools where she would be a good fit.
    That's funny, but if that were the case, wouldn't she have scheduled a couple exhibition games against some local MIAC or NSIC schools?

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