This is the style of basketball Marlene Stollings wanted to bring to Minnesota four years ago.

The Gophers are scoring 87.1 points a game, 10th most in the country. They’re averaging 14 fastbreak points a game and wearing down opponents with their up-tempo style. They’re 8-1 heading into their game at Georgetown on Thursday.

“All the players on the roster love a fast-paced, up-tempo game, and that’s what we’ve been doing. This year, we’ve really been pushing it, especially in transition and upping our defensive intensity and just being all over the place and up in your face,” Gophers senior guard Carlie Wagner said. “It’s definitely the style we’re comfortable playing. People don’t like it that we play that way, because it’s tough to keep up, but we’ve grown so accustomed to the pace and work so hard to play at this pace that we just love it.”

Running is nothing new to the Gophers under Stollings, but this is the most points Minnesota has averaged over the past four seasons. And, unlike in past years, the Gophers are playing on both ends of the floor. Minnesota is surrendering an average of 69.2 points a game this season, the lowest number allowed under Stollings...

...Stollings said the Gophers have more depth at each position than they’ve had in her four-year tenure. She said Minnesota can go two deep at every position, and three deep at some spots.

“We’re kind of to that point where we’re able to play the way we want to play,” Stollings said. “It truly is pretty much our team for the first time. This is our fourth year and we’ve put the pieces together.”