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    Default 2018 Gopher Baseball

    Full 2018 schedule has been released. Some really solid series this season.

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    The non-conference schedule looks to be pretty good, with three solid weekends at home in US Bank. TCU televises many of their home games, so there is a decent chance those games can be seen. The midweek home games are pretty much the usual. I wonder if we will see Saint Louis make return trip up here next year.

    Overall, a pretty good schedule for a team that I think can compete for the conference title and NCAA berth if a pitcher or two step up.

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    Can anyone tell me how the team looked in the fall scrimmages? I was not able to make it to Siebert field this fall. I know we lost a lot of pitching, how did our pitching look? Any pitchers look impressive? How did the big crop of freshmen pitchers look? Did the offense look as dangerous as people think they will be this year?

    I think practice starts this coming Monday. Hopefully we can have a great season.

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    Didn't see any of the fall scrimmages but from reading some different things and hearing interviews earlier it sounded like a few of the older guys were out most of the fall recovering from injuries. Pitching will be the question mark but there is plenty of talent there. Would expect at least a couple of the freshmen to make a big impact on the mound. Heard Pettersen on a podcast the other day talk about how good the freshmen pitchers are and how advanced some of them are. He expected them to really step in and perform well. Lineup should be just as good if not better than last year. Really only 2 spots to replace with Jordan Smith and Matt Stemper graduating. Both provided some power last year with 6 and 5 homeruns respectively. Smith was a good defensive outfielder too and .309 avg was probably the best of his career. Should be a very veteran lineup decent chance you see 4 SRs and 4 JRs in the lineup pretty regularly. I would expect the lineup to produce pretty well and help give the pitching staff a little more room for error as they get settled into new roles.
    If this group stays healthy and a few of the freshmen pitchers are as good as people think this should be a top 3 B1G title contender and a no doubt regional team.

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    College Baseball Daily had their conference previews posted and picked the Gophers to finish 3rd in the conference. They liked Minnesota's returning offense and as you stated the question mark is the pitching. Picked Hansen and Coffee as all B1G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lincoln gopher View Post
    College Baseball Daily had their conference previews posted and picked the Gophers to finish 3rd in the conference. They liked Minnesota's returning offense and as you stated the question mark is the pitching. Picked Hansen and Coffee as all B1G.
    Just checked it out. Seems like they talked to some coaches and must not have been able to get comments from others. I'd have the Gophers and Indiana both above Maryland and I think Illinois will be much better than 9th in the conference, I think there is a decent chance they are a NCAA tournament team.

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    Default Are some experts onto something or on something!

    When you look at the Gopher baseball team's upcoming season I see some experts are making some big statements. Not all the experts but some. Chris Webber a Big Ten expert saying the Gophers have a chance to host a regional (which more than likely is being a one seed but not always). Or one expert on our Gopher twitter page ranking us #49 (I have no problem with that ranking), but then the expert says, we have a chance to compete for our 4th national title. I'm a guy who the glass is half full when it comes to preseason expectations. This year it's hard for me to be that optimistic as the experts considering the pitching we lost from last year.

    I know the offense and defense (the importance of defense is many times overlooked in baseball, like special teams is in football) really do have the potential to being second to none to any college baseball team in the the nation. I'm not saying it will be, but the potential is there. I just think our pitching is a huge question mark. When you factor in losing our senior pitchers, Gilbreath, and probably Nolan being out for the year, that's a lot of good arms to replace. I know the Freshmen class is talented, but I just think our pitching is really going to struggle this year.

    I'd be elated if we have a great season and I'm proven wrong about our pitching! I just hope those baseball experts I mentioned are onto something and not on something!

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    The offense will definitely be the strength of this team but there is some really good pitching talent on the roster this year as well. A lot of it has yet to prove itself yet but that definitely doesn't mean there aren't capable arms there. The schedule is very competitive this year with non-conference road games at Georgia Tech and TCU and the B1G/Pac 12 challenge, Creighton, and St. Johns coming to U.S. Bank. If you win a couple of those series the RPI should be sitting pretty good resume wise heading into conference season. Webb really likes the Gophers and sees them as a B1G title contender but I think his point was more the challenging schedule gives you the opportunity to host if this team plays really well this year. With the lineup we have if you get a few guys to step up, stay healthy, and get a few breaks I could definitely see this team in the hosting mix late in the season. If this team stays pretty healthy I'd be pretty disappointed if they don't at least make the NCAA Tournament.

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    7 simple things that give me hope about our pitching this year. I need all the hope I can get, because I'm really worried about our pitching.

    1. McDevitt and Anderson's second year - The way it was presented last year was that McDevitt was the pitching coach, but John Anderson was taking a more active role in the pitching staff. This being their second year together, they should continue to get better.

    2. Great fall practice weather and old football practice facility used for spring practices - These two things allowed our pitching staff to do live pitching in the fall and in the spring. One season when the Gopher baseball team got off to a really slow start, Anderson mentioned how it was cold and rainy all during fall practices, and it especially hurt our pitching (in development and where to place pitchers). Ty mentioned how big it was to have live pitching this Spring and not just fall practices.

    3. The pitching staff in practices are already facing a team that more than likely will be better than most of the teams we face this year.

    4. Sounds like Burchill is out for the year, but it sounds like Fasching and Bridges are healthy for the year. I'd hate to lose Burchill but losing all three would be a huge lose. Don't know if this is totally correct but that's what it sounds like.

    5. Pitchers like Stevenson, Lackney, and Rose had good summer outings.

    6. Publications and experts excited about our freshmen class of pitchers. Even Anderson seems to be and he never gets excited.

    7. Pitching may turn out to be good this year, despite the concerns. Hard to tell until the season starts, but that's what makes sports so fun.

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    I hope the interview goes more in the direction of this upcoming season and our players. I'm going to vomit if the questions are about how great the Vikings stadium is, or how great the new athlete village is, or how great it will be scrimmaging the Twins this year.

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    Few things from Anderson's interview. Team is healthy right now and hopefully it stays that way, wasn't the case at all this fall. Happy with how the team has looked and excited for the season. Mentioned very veteran lineup and that he kind of figured they would lose a couple of guys to the draft last year but fortunate to get them back. Talked about Reggie Meyer and Nick Lackney being the veteran guys on the mound now and guys that could get the ball to start the season. Also mentioned the freshmen pitchers should all contribute this year. Specifically talked about Sam Thoresen having a chance as a starter early not sure if he meant weekend guy or midweek. Last thing I caught was Max Meyer will probably come out of the bullpen and be a late inning guy to start also will probably DH some.

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    A Couple of things to add about the interview.

    1. Everyone healthy - I know Fasching, Bridges and Nolan were recovering from arm injuries. If they all can pitch this year then great, but I'd be suprised if they all pitched this season. I hope they can, but arm injuries can be tough to recover from.

    2. I think Sam Thoresen was being mentioned as a midweek starter even though coach did not say that. I'd be very suprised if our weekend rotation to start the year was not Reggie, Brett, and Nick.

    3. Sounds like the old football facility they inherited has been a huge help. They are able to hold scrimmages in there and have live pitching and hitting. Not the perfect field but hitters and pitchers need to have game like experiences as close as they can.

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