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    I see both sides of the story here. He is at a “peak” stats wise and on everyone’s radar. If he enters NBA draft and is drafted, he will more than likely be in the farm system. That farm system will more than likely lead him to play outside of US.

    If he stays at the U, there’s no way he has a streak like he has going this year. Although he could continue to improve his game and possibly increase draft stock.

    "We're going to win the Big Ten championship and we're going to take the Gopher Nation to Pasadena. That's my dream, that's my goal and that's my belief. It will happen here sooner rather than later." -- Tim Brewster

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    Yes, probably...but: probably shouldn't. There are pros...but...I don't have great CONfidence he is ready.

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    No, not ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winnipegopher View Post
    I think a more relevant worry would be for Murphy to graduate and transfer to a top team for a shot at a title. Given all the crap he has put up with as a Gopher, I wouldn't blame him if he went.
    Not worried about that, even if it is an option for him.

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    Not unless we go to the NIT, win it, and he has a monster MVP NIT tournament. That actually worked for a player who came out of nowhere to become a first rounder about a decade ago, Renaldo Balkman of South Carolina

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    He will get the advice that he is not a first round pick. If he got a 1st round grade he would be smart to take it. He will not get the grade. Who would he guard and he is not a shooter.

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    Been reading for a couple years. I think about every post in that span… first time posting (hence the terrible formatting, so if someone knows how to fix that, pm me). Needed something other than the latest scandal to look at.

    First off, if the season ended today, I don’t think Murph would be a first round draft pick, and I don’t think it would be wise for him to go pro. He should put his name in the hat, do the workouts, but come back to school for another year. I was curious about how Murph’s stats comparted with Draymond’s from college.
    I started by comparing their college career stats (through Illinois). Bolded the ones I thought were most noteworthy.

    Stat Draymond Murphy

    Obviously one that sticks out is Murph’s poor shooting from behind the arc. But, I would like to argue that his 3-point percentage could increase with another offseason, similar to how to his free throw percentage increased this past offseason from 61.5% last season to 72.8% this year (upon writing this).
    That got me thinking about how these two players development from freshman year to their last year in college. Most of these comparisons were not very helpful, other than change in shooting percentages, because their minutes played were so much different, it didn’t seem like a fair comparison. For example, Draymond made over 250% more 2-pointers his senior year than his freshman year, 1.2 per game vs 4.3. I suppose, I could adjust each stat for minutes played. Maybe I still will and post them later.
    At the very least, their career numbers are pretty comparable, with exception to 3P%, which I concede is a big part of Draymond’s effectiveness in the NBA as an undersized big-man. To counter that, I think Draymond’s effectiveness is also due to his ability to guard big-men that have him outmatched in size. I think Murph does this pretty well. Not a perfect measure, but his Offensive boards are even better than Draymond’s.
    I used the numbers from

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