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    Quote Originally Posted by Cayman View Post
    Sims seemed to be one of the staff's top priorities, it really seemed like we wanted a big for 2017 until accepting the Harris commitment. I don't think there's any reason to believe the coaches would have known about Lynch's misconduct, considering it seems it likely wasn't even reported until over a year after Sims committed to Texas.

    If Wright actually turned us down because of the sex tape, that's pretty stupid. It was literally just a couple kids experimenting sexually and making a dumb mistake, nothing unethical or morally wrong, and not a "culture problem."
    Not according to the AD.

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    Default bad ghr's new phone. Don't know how to delete post. I'll figure it out soon. If the admin can help me out do it.
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    Davison goes 5-9, 2-4 from 3 for 16 points in Wisconsin's win over Purdue. He had a clutch fade away from the corner as the shot clock was getting low late in the game.

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    I have no problem with how the staff has recruited the state. Every program has kids in their state they do not get for a variety of reasons. Davidson was picking UW no matter what.

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