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    Default Young recruiters giving the Big Ten a boost - ESPN

    Minnesota: Maurice Linguist and Matt Simon

    2018 class rank: No. 17

    P.J. Fleck would be at the top of this list if it included head coaches, as Fleck is the leader for the Golden Gophers in every aspect. But when it comes to young assistants, defensive backs coach Linguist is becoming a well-known name across the country. At age 33, Linguist has already had stints at Baylor, Buffalo, Iowa State, Mississippi State and now Minnesota. In his short time with the Gophers, he has been a big part of their recruiting success along with wide receivers coach Simon, who is only 31.

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    I loved Jay Sawvel. I think he is a DB guru and great talent evaluator/developer. However, I'm liking Linguist more n more. Hope he has as much or more success as Sawvel did.

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    Elite recruiters!

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    I am excited to see what recruits Linguist can bring in. They seem to be touting him as some sort of genius. Some might even say he is cunning.

    Couldn't help myself, it's Friday

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