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  1. Default Mariucci, McLoed and post season

    Mariucci Arena:
    After a quarter of a century the arena needs some stiffing up. The lighting has gotten weak over the years. The sound system has always been pathetic! Usually it's impossible to understand what's being said. After all these years you think they could have gotten someone to buy a few speakers!
    They need to find a way to go to an 85 x 200 rink. The olympics sized rink does nothing to prepare the Gophers for post season play. Someone on this forum said lowering the ice sheet won't work due to water table issues. There must be another way to do it.

    Doug McLeod:
    I don't think I've ever heard a worse hockey announcer than Doug! When he says "Metallurgy save" I just about puke! Ben CLymer is very knowledgable but he needs to be a little smoother in his delivery. I'll love to see Wally and Frank back on the TV broadcasts.

    Post Season:
    I hope Ryan Lindgren's injury tonight isn't serious. D is the weakest part of this Gopher team. Losing one of their better defensemen wouldn't bode well for the post season.

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    You'd probably have to gut the entirety of Mariucci to change the rink size, which isn't happening any time soon given how often its used for events. You'd have to do a gut and rebuild between the last high school graduation held there and convocation in the fall. I do agree it needs some spiffing up though. The lights and stuff they had for the UND game were cool, they should have made those permanent. At least the flashing M in front of the goalie after a goal, that was a nice touch.

    Hearing Lindgren's injury is a fracture ankle, so likely no post season for him :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taji34 View Post
    Hearing Lindgren's injury is a fracture ankle, so likely no post season for him :/
    Crap. I've hated the "race to the dots" icing rule from the beginning.

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    I heard they're thinking of switching to bandy. Sport of the future.

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    I'm 90% sure the sound system was replaced with the scoreboard in 2012.

    There are plans to shrink the rink, but not much talk about it as it'll come down to $$ and I don't think our AD is exactly rolling in it.

    McLeod is brutal to listen to and I've been unable to stand him since probably the second game he came back. Wally and Frank are infinitely better than Doug and Ben.

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