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Thread: Recruiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDH27 View Post
    MN's defensive design is the worst I have ever seen. Their match-up zone is worthless. Poor defensive scheme, questionable reqruiter, poor relationship with MN coaches and a reserved personality to sell the program. Hard to see how this turns out to be a successful coaching tenure for Coach Stollings.
    Agreed. After meeting her a few times she really comes off as an introvert who likes hoops. To coach successfully at this level you have to have more charisma and relationship building skills than she has shown here in MN.

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    Raoul says Gophers have offered this 2020 forward (and so has Michigan State)

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    And from Raoul more Michigan 2020 offers.

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    Another 2020 offer being reported... Gabby Hutcherson 6'2" SF from
    Ohio. Michigan State and Ohio State have previously offered.

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    Stollings seems to like hanging out in Michigan and Ohio?

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    A couple of more offers (Utah and Colorado).

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatjanelpick View Post
    Raoul says Gophers have offered this 2020 forward (and so has Michigan State)
    Michigan just offered Stuck also.

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    One of the interesting things Raoul said about Minnesota recruits is that two of the Minnesota AAU programs don't publically report the players offers. He stated unless the player puts her offers on social media or is asked by a media member, its hard to know who Minnesota has offered. Only home state kids I know for sure are Paige Bueckers-sophomore from Hopkins (probably the most obvious offer in the entire state) and Destiny Oberg-Junior post from Holy Angels. Outside of those two, I am not sure who they have offered. I'm not saying they haven't offered other MN kids, but it sure seems stollings prefers Ohio/Michigan to her own backyard.

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    Another 2019 offer I don't think has been mentioned here but was reported by Raoul: Maryland 2019 Jennifer Ezeh (Duke, Michigan State and West Virginia also offered).

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    Maddie Krull, Nebraska, 2020.

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    Sydney Hillard (WI-2019)

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    Well, MN sure is offering a bunch of people...DGRsb5rVwAE5MUv.jpg large.jpg

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    Not sure this is exactly the right thread (and how many not-very-tall guards do the Gophers need?) but interesting to see Kenisha Bell's former Marquette teammate, Tia Elbert, will graduate from Indiana and have eligibility remaining, eligible in fall of 2018 for grad transfer.

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