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  1. Default Gophers Split with Ohio State

    Gophers score six power play goals (a Gopher record) coming from behind to defeat the Buckeyes 6-5. It helped that two of the power plays were 5:00 minute majors. One of the majors was of course to noted goon Joshua Healey.

    Pitlick was injured during the game and Lindgren was out.

    Plus, more good news-Penn State swept the Badgers in Madison.

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    I have a certain respect for how Ohio St plays since it is a pretty similar style to ours in recent years. But, what the??? Tonight they were out for blood for some reason. There were 4 plays Ohio St legitimately could have been called for a major. Twice the refs called it. It looked like the tactics of the BADgers or UND most of the night. I was very surprised by how the play went.

    Thank goodness we are done with OSU now. ES can't seem to stop anything they throw at him!

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