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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnyboy18 View Post
    Doesn't matter they didn't play Rutgers and Maryland.
    That 2003 schedule may have been the easiest of the last 20 years, but 10 wins is 10 wins. That team beat a couple big name teams that were having really down years. We just barely beat a 3-9 Penn state team and a 7-6 Wisconsin team. We lost to every good team we played with maybe the exception of the 8-5 Oregon team.

    I say 8 wins or more next year is a success.

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    Agree. Regular season wins: 8 in 2017, 9 in 2018, and 10+ in 2019. Bowls: wins 2 of 3 in the next three seasons.

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    8 regular season wins

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    No one dies on the field.

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    Realistically, I would say minimum of 7 wins. New coaching staff, new system, new QB - lot of variables. My personal desire is to see an offensive philosophy that carries through from the practice field to game day. I can't take another season of daily QB complaints on the Hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by West Fargo Gopher Fan View Post
    Mason's 2003 team won 10 games and beat Oregon in the Sun Bowl.
    Oregon wasn't Oregon then- but 10 wins was nice

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    If I am putting aside the complete hypocrisy of most Fleckophiles and answering this question based solely on the program:

    9 wins would be a success (regardless of who we beat to get to those 9 wins)
    7-8 wins would be. . . meh. I wouldn't call it a troubling but it wouldn't be a success
    Anything less than 7 wins would be a step back.

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    Zero threads on GopherHole about spirals.

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    I'm thinking 6 wins in regular season with victory in a lower tier bowl. 7-6 for 2017. And, 2018 will be 7-5 at best b/c the schedule is brutal and Maryland is getting much better. 2019 will be the breakthrough year of 9 or 10 wins, or PJF will taking heat.

    TC would've won 5 in 2017 and 4 in 2018. But we all know that. I couldn't resist.

    I also expect that the oddsmakers will be predicting 5 or 6 wins for both 2017 and 2018.
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    I'm not looking at wins at all. I want players to understand the schemes of the new offense, defense, special teams and play fundamentally sound. Good tackling, be in the right positions, run good pass routes etc. Next year is about continuing to grow and building team chemistry. Wins this year mean nothing. Need to learn to row together before they can row far.

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    I'll be satisfied if we get Floyd and the axe back.

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    No gang bangs making news

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    Beat Iowa and Wisconsin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salzie View Post
    No gang bangs making news
    Any other sexual acts that you'd like the team from refraining from?

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    Bowl game

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