per the STrib:

The coach of the Henry Sibley boys’ basketball team went on Twitter Friday to dissociate his program from the Mr. Minnesota Basketball Award because of what he described as racist commentary on Twitter by the award program’s figurehead.

In a tweet directed at Ken Lien, longtime head of the award program that honors the state’s top senior player, Sibley coach John Carrier wrote, “I’m sorry @mrbasketballmn, I can no longer stand by silently and support these types of tweets from someone representing our state.”

A since-deleted tweet from Lien’s account used crude language to express support for another tweet that said “Wake up America – Ignore at your own peril! Angry Muslims taunt NJ schools: ‘We’re Going to Be the Majority Soon’ ”

Lien, in response to Carrier’s tweet, the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association Twitter account and others sympathetic with Carrier’s view, tweeted: “I get upset & defensive when people bash our country, etc. I take great pride representing for 40 years; again, plz forgive.”

Among many tweets expressing support for Carrier was one from Jabbar Washington, who played on three Minneapolis North championship teams in the 1990s. “The damage is done @mrbasketballmn the damage is already done,” he wrote on Twitter. “You can’t erase your true feelings.”

Go Gophers!!