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    Well, the WCHA fan in me loves the idea of Notre Dame and either UND or UMD being in the same conference with the Gophers. And either combo will really strengthen the conference, possibly making the B1G the #1 conference in mens chk.

    But the geek and B1G fan in me, feels a little uncomfortable with the lowering of academic standards. If UND had NDSU's fb program, I could see the potential for the state, with all of its new oil money and growth, to get behind the school and for the school to then make a push to improve their research rankings and funding in an effort to join the B1G in every sport and academically, etc..

    Geographically a North Dakota school would make sense, but not sure it would add much of a media footprint?

    If the conference ever does go to 16 teams, who else would fit the bill? The only schools I can think of with the potential and who would want to join the B1G, would be Boston College or Boston University, though not sure if BU even has fb?, and UConn. UConn has hockey, INCREDIBLE basketball, crappy fb, and is weak in the area of academics and research. BC has a great media footprint with decent athletics, but not sure if their academics and research cut the mustard or not? But I am sure they could work on that. Also not sure if BC would want to leave the ACC?

    BU probably has the best academics and research of them all, and would probably jump at the opportunity, but their sports are not good.

    Any thoughts?

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    I could see Kaler pushing for UMD. He would be president of 25% of the conference schools for hockey.
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    As a UMD fan, I think if UND left for the B1G, UMD would probably be really interested in following. The likelihood that they would be accepted probably isn't that high though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t-docious View Post
    take this with a grain of salt, but hearing rumblings that BIG money talks, and it is currently talking to the North Dakota Fighting Hawks to join in 2018.

    IF it happens, i might actually be a fan of the BIG hockey conference.
    Please God let this be true. It would make the conference so much better.

    Is there any possibility that the Big Ten could eventually add two more teams to get to ten for hockey and add Duluth and St. Cloud as well? That IMO would make the conference better than the old WCHA.

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    Not having Denver and CC in the B1G would still keep it below the old WCHA in my opinion, but you can easily make the argument that Michigan, Ohio State and PSU easily are improvements over Lake Superior State, Anchorage.

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    I forgot to mention that Arizona St was mentioned awhile back as a possibility.

    If the conference had serious plans of expanding to 10 teams, with Notre Dame getting them to 7, that leaves 3 spots, and I just can't see the B1G being open to having 40% of the conference being schools that will never become a part of the B1G in all sports. But I guess if enough money is involved, its a possibility.

    So who would be the 3 most likely schools in my opinion? In no particular order, here are the schools I think are possibilities

    UND, UMD, Arizona St, Illinois, Rutgers, Nebraska, Boston College, Boston Univ, UConn, SCSU & Mankato.

    I'd guess that UND will be the #1 target for the 8th team.

    UMD seems to Gopher hk diehard fans to be a natural option, but what other than hockey do they have to offer?

    I listed Illinois and Rutgers because both used to have hockey. I listed Nebraska because they've been mentioned in the past because of having a natural rival and also having facilities and built in fan base potential.

    I listed Arizona St because they need a home and they have been mentioned before.

    I listed BC, BU and UConn because my personal, uneducated opinion feeling is that these are schools that could eventually become full on members of the B1G conference in all sports, and that has to be something B1G officials are considering, to strengthen the value of the BTN and their strength in the area of academics and research as well, where the big money really comes into play.

    Arizona St is already in a decent conference and I don't see them wanting to move to the B1G, especially with the major travel issues it would create. So they would only be a hockey only addition, so why not bring in UMD if getting another hockey team is the only goal, but if they already are at 8 and need 2 more, then I suppose Ariz St could be the 10th team brought in, if SCSU or Mankato are not seen as adding more of a footprint and all they want is to fill up the ten spots with legit hockey programs that will add to the value of the BTN.

    UMD will add a high quality and successful hockey team to the league and would make the league stronger. Arizona St would help expand the B1G footprint, and is a program that will try to do the same thing PSU did, and the warmer climate schools that tried hockey in the past succeeded in drawing northern hockey players who liked the idea of going somewhere warm to play their hockey. So they could quickly add another very strong team to the league.

    If they want to focus on schools that will end up playing every sport in the B1G, then I think the combo of UConn and one of the Boston Schools is the only combo that would make sense, unless UND is seen as a legit possibility in the future? Then UND-UConn would work since there just seems to be too many obstacles in the way of getting one of the boston schools on board. And if they go with UND-UConn, then I'd see UMD or Arizona St as the 10th team.

    One last idea could be bringing in a 3 team combo of UConn-UND-and a boston school with the idea that in time the 2 schools that show the biggest effort to make themselves B1G conf worthy would end up as the 15th and 16th teams let into the B1G as a full member?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SconnieGopher15 View Post
    I agree that the WCHA was better than the current B1G but we add Notre Dame next year, a decent team. We have 4 of the 6 ranked in the top 18 and Notre Dame is also ranked. The B1G will get better and hopefully expand more but I agree that now the WCHA is better.
    I'd like to see them add BC and BU. Make a east vs. west. PennSt.,OhioSt., BC, BU, and ND vs. MN,MI,Mich St.,WI and NoDak. That would be some fun hockey

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