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    I can't remember the last time I watched a weekend of games as enjoyable as these two. The Gophers played really well against a good team and showed what they could be. We may be tied with Wisconsin, but I like our chances to bring home another B1G title.
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    It was incredible to watch. The passing and flow between players was something special to see.

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    Just when I thought Bristedt's break away was going to be the, hardworking, spectacular, goal of the night, there were a couple of harder working, even more spectacular goals. Later a determined Szmatula rushed up the left wing with the puck, was knocked the ice, kept the puck alive, got up and set up Gates' blast.

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    What a great comeback against Penn State. After the penalty shot goal with 1:27 to go, I figured the game was a loss. But, the cardiac kids score to tie with 5 seconds left. Chalk up an overtime goal and you get a great win. 3 goals in the third and a 4-3 win to sweep the cats.

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