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  1. Default Bars with game day shuttles?

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but couldn't find it anywhere. Anyone know of any bars that will be running game day shuttle to/from TCF. I check a few of their websites but I didn't see anything.

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    Back in the day, there were shuttles from all over. VFW, Paul's Place, Jax. This day in age you would think Majors, Champs, Senser's, VFW.
    In the days of yore you could get breakfast, 2 drinks before and 2 after plus transport for around $10.00. In this day and age maybe $25.
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    A few months back, there was a report that shuttles would be running round trip from certain burbs/shopping malls to TCF. I thought one was scheduled from Maplewood Mall.

    I have not read or received any other info RE: this.

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    Default Bars with game day shuttles?

    None planned yet that I have heard. I spoke with ownership at Sterb's about it. They thought it would be a good idea for the Stadium Village businesses to run shuttles after the game somewhere between 2-3 hours after morning and early afternoon games. Not sure if it will come about or not.

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    I guess I was thinking the other way around, suburban bars running people down and back, not bars near the stadium running out to get people, but that would work too. Maybe there is just not enough demand around for bars to do it.

  6. Default Jax Cafe shuttle

    Not exactly a bar, but Jax Cafe is offering a shuttle to Gopher games as they have for many years.

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    Moe's in Mounds View has a good shuttle deal going for those in the Northern part of town.

    Moe's Shuttle

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    Thanks Oscar, that is exactly what I was looking for. I live up north so it is perfect.

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    I know O'Garas in StP has buses for many other activities I expect they have or will soon have Gopher Football plans.

    Like it has been said some of this may take some time (the whole first year?) to figure out, but with all the Vikings shuttles from the burbs, you'd expect the Gophers games to have some similar options.

    I would hope/expect the St. Anthony Main area to put together a shuttle system. It's definitely walkable, but should be a great area for pre-games with several bars and patios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar Munson View Post
    Moe's in Mounds View has a good shuttle deal going for those in the Northern part of town.

    Moe's Shuttle
    Thanks for the info Oscar. We may take it, especially the first game and I stay overnight in that area.

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    It's not a bar but St Anthony on Main Parking Ramp is offering parking for $12. With that you get 2 round trip rides on Metro Transit's route 6U.

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    Right after graduation, a few of my cronies lived in old nordeast. We used to wet our whistles at Mayslack's before games and take the Mayslack's shuttle. Any nordeasters reading this should suggest a revival of the shuttle to the management. Perhaps they could coordinate with the Jax shuttle and add a stop along the shuttle route.

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    Bump. Any more info. on this? Thanks in advance.

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    I would think that most places that own a shuttle will probably put it to use for Gopher Football games.

    Even Bennett's on West 7th in Saint Paul (known for shuttling to Wild games) had a banner up that said that they would have shuttle service for "Minnesota College Football". And that's a long way from Stadium Village. No mention of it on their website.

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