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    Default STrib: Can Lucia win another title?

    per Jason:

    Can Lucia win another title?

    Lucia spent the past week fielding questions about his future, and the administration answered for him Thursday by announcing a two-year contract extension.

    He is entering his 18th season leading one of the nation’s premier programs and looking to win a third national championship with the Gophers. The 58-year-old won back-to-back titles in 2002 and 2003. The long drought has led some fans to grow weary of Lucia, but he continues to win conference championships — five in a row, dating to the WCHA days — and produce NCAA tournament-caliber teams.

    The team has missed the NCAAs five times during Lucia’s 17 seasons, and three were during a stretch in which he battled health issues.

    The Gophers were picked to win the Big Ten for the fourth year in a row and are No. 13 in the USCHO poll.

    “I love our speed. I love, so far, how our chemistry off the ice right now is awesome,” senior captain and forward Justin Kloos said. “Everyone is really getting along, and I think it’s going to be a team that plays for one goal. There is not going to be a lot of outside influence.

    “This will be a really focused group because, obviously, last year was really unacceptable. I’m really pumped for the whole thing.”

    Go Gophers!!

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    I sure hope so but with the growing popularity of the game comes a greater challenge to winning it all. We are still an elite program and the Don runs a great program. What I really like is how how is breading his coaching staff for the future and for after he retires. Thanks Don!!!!

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    Sure he can win the title...but can he crack the top ten in the country? Not saying much for the title.

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    I think he can. He has done it before. This year's team has some good talent.

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    One thing to consider is how Minnesota and Wisconsin, two teams that have struggled recently, are #1 and #2 in NHL point production by alumni.

    Where do you think teams like Ferris St and Quinnipiac, etc., that have outperformed the Gophers and the Badgers the past few years, rank??? LOL

    My point is, what is a State University's mission?? Is it to win Natl Titles, or is it to teach people how to succeed in life? If the Gophers are producing more NHLers and Olympic competitors and winners and more future coaches, etc., are they really failing, in comparison to schools like Ferris State???

    Why are teams like Ferris State doing so well? That's easy to figure out, none of their best players leave early for the NHL. So these teams are chock full of experienced players. When was the last time Ferris State lost a player after their freshman season or even their Sophomore season, to the NHL???

    Now ask the same question of programs like the Gophers or Michigan or Wisconsin.

    Btw, for all of those people who said the creation of the B1G Hockey Conf was the end of the world for Gopher hockey, when I looked at the rankings recently, I saw FIVE of the six B1G conf teams ranked among the Top 25 teams in the country. I believe 4 of them were ranked among the Top 16.

    Unless something crazy happens, the opposite of what happened in the past could happen this year, the Gophers could benefit greatly from winning B1G conf games this season.

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    no he cannot. We need to Hire Motzko as soon as possible or Blaise

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnguy2017 View Post
    no he cannot. We need to Hire Motzko as soon as possible or Blaise
    He will. And I think Guentzel is next in line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparlimb View Post
    He will. And I think Guentzel is next in line.
    Guentzel currently is in charge of the offense so not sure if he would be a good hire. Gophers have never been the same since Motzko left.

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    Lucia's teams are heartless and gutless! He's been in coast mode for over a decade now. He's teams are undersized and apparently don't know it's legal to check in hockey! UMD showed the Gophers that you have to check to win a hockey game against a quality opponent .
    Guentzel has been around a very long time. If he was any good he would have been offered a head coaching job elsewhere long ago.

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