I find it interesting that over the past couple days, I found out Sean 'P Diddy' Combs is opening a charter school in East Harlem to help Black students AND Rashad Turner of BLM St Paul has stepped down from leadership of BLM, saying his support of charter schools is in conflict with BLM's mission to shut them down. It's an interesting topic.

BLM is funded by White, corporate-progressives, so BLM follow corporate-progressive talking points and thus, are against charter schools. These same corporate-progressives, despite their rhetoric, seem to really hate unions, as evidenced by their support of free trade deals, illegal immigration and the constant bashing of union members.

Now BLM finds itself in an odd position: They say teachers are racists and instruments of the white supremacist school system. BLM is demanding control over school curriculum and the authority to hire/fire teachers as they see fit. Hardly support of the teacher's union or the teachers, imo. They also hate the police and are actively trying to take down police unions. Then there's the firefighters, who they're attacking, also union members. So it's the corporate-progressive BLM branch that's trying to push this stuff, as well as supporting the Democratic Party obviously.

Meanwhile, 'P-Diddy' says that despite his activism to get Obama elected, Obama hasn't given back to the Black community & that things haven't gotten noticeably better. He said Obama has "short changed", the Black community. He's decided to go the Booker T. Washington route and create an environment where Blacks educate Blacks to ensure a quality education.

Similarly Rashad Turner is rejecting the corporate-progressive model, by both rejecting the Democratic Party (BLM St Paul are Green Party supporters & he's running for State Senator on the Green Party ticket) and now the corporate-progressive directive on charter schools. Turner has said he'd like to open a charter school and has made recent tweets such as "8 mil. black students enter another yr. of a 3rd rate education.", "There is simply no reason that our education laws should maintain the jobs of persistently ineffective teachers.", et al.

I just find it interesting that grass roots Blacks seem to support charter schools & options for Black students, while the corporate-progressives Blacks take their directives from White billionaires, who want a moratorium on charters & to limit the educational options Blacks have.

Sean Combs To Open Charter School in Harlem:

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