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    What is breaking the ice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EG#9 View Post
    Listened to the podcast and my initial impression from Bleed's recap and Doogie's history didn't change. Doogie mentioned that Xavier backed off on Tray, where do you think he got that "info" from? Probably former podcast guest Ben Johnson. It reminds me very much of Doogie getting "scoops" from a certain ISU assistant under Hoiberg, when Rashad Vaughn chose UNLV and said coach sent out a reactionary tweet of questionable nature, Doogie replied to said tweet in a positive matter.
    Not to sidetrack, but what was this story? I didn't really start following recruiting religiously until a couple of years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winasota Gopher View Post
    What is breaking the ice?
    For me: NCAA Tournament victory

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    Going through the Tray Jackson commitment thread on the Gopher 247 board, a thread I was able to look at despite not being a subscriber, there are some short posts from Ryan James that are worth mentioning.

    Asked how well Jackson can shoot:

    31 percent three-point shooter. Right now I don't believe he will be a dependable perimeter shooter - at least from where he is now - but he puts the ball on the deck very well.
    Can Tray Jackson and David Roddy play together?

    Jackson moves his feet well enough to guard small forwards, David Roddy is strong enough to guard power forwards.

    Jackson does put the ball on the deck all right, David Roddy actually shoots the ball ok. I think they can play together although it may be best to have them both at power forward BUT I think they can play together because they each have some elements that allow them to play some SF. Also Jared Jones can play center and power forward so he would work as well.
    Is it the consensus that we're out of the Hurt/Zeke sweepstakes?

    It's the consensus that they are out of the Zeke Nnaji race. But in the Matthew Hurt race along with all the rest.
    If we have a shot at Hurt, do we take a commitment from Roddy and risk using 3 of 4 scholarships on PF's in this class?

    You can play Matthew Hurt wherever man. You could throw him in at three spots if need be. He is very good. Don't think "position" when you think of the Matt Hurt recruitment.

    Disappointing to hear that it's not gonna happen with Zeke, but exciting to know that we apparently at least have a fighting chance with Hurt. If Zeke leaves the Big Ten, or at least doesn't go to Wisconsin, I won't be too upset.

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    Adding Tray Jackson lessens the sting of missing out of Wahl and Zeke. If we could land Hurt and Jackson in the same class, that's got to be top 15 in the nation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abrams View Post
    Adding Tray Jackson lessens the sting of missing out of Wahl and Zeke. If we could land Hurt and Jackson in the same class, that's got to be top 15 in the nation.
    Tray Jackson is rated higher than Wahl anywhere you look, although Wahl is listed as a 3 where Jackson is a 4, so maybe Wahl has a better perimeter game.

    Hurt and Jackson alone won't get us a top 15 class. I used the 247 class calculator to see where a hypothetical class of Hurt, Jackson, Roddy, and Yavuz Gultekin would rank. It gives a rating of 59.80 which would be the #24 class going by the 2018 class rankings, although David Roddy is unranked and adds nothing to class's rating at this time. I would guess he would get rated if he were to commit here.

    A class of Hurt, Jackson, Jared Jones, and Tyson Etienne, that being a 5 star, two 4 stars, and a 3 star, would give us a rating of 64.00, good for #16 in the 2018 class rankings. So while Hurt and Jackson would be a great start, we'd probably at least need two more top 150 commits on top of that to get into the top 15.

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    I don't think this necessarily means we won't continue to recruit Zeke, unless the interest is clearly not there at all. Regardless I really think we need to find a solid guard that can come in and contribute right away, although we do have 3 left to fill.

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    While I'm sure it has little to no effect on Hurt's recruitment, interesting to see that Kansas got a commitment today from an in-state, 6-3 SF. I remain a firm believer that Pitino has as good a shot as anyone to land Hurt. Pitino has done everything he can between in-home visits and watching him play. Biggest draw for Hurt is being able to be a teammate with his brother for one year. Won't matter what program he plays for, plenty of NBA scouts will follow him for games and evaluate his potential as a pro player. That's why I don't think he needs a blue-blood school to get national and NBA attention. He's a consensus top-10 player, the attention follows the talent.

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    Composite top 100 4-star, looks like no offer just yet.

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