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    It'll be fun watching him with a full year at WR under his belt.

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    Actually that channel just posted a couple gopher videos. Its the little things like these that get me through the offseason and excited for this year.

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    Don't get me wrong, I love the potential of D. Jones, but isn't a highlight package supposed to be his best plays of the year, not all 10 catches he made in the season?

    That said, he's my biggest hope to be the game changer at receiver we need so bad.
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    I think we are going to be really deep at WR, it just kind of sucks that we are also going to be very young. As long as Leidner (or some other QB) can develop into a legit passer, I think our passing game is going to really improve over the next couple of years.

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    Love Eric Murray... I think he has a great chance at the pro level.

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    Worth noting that Darqueze Dennard was on him for all 3 MSU plays at the end.

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    I forgot how good D Jones looks with the ball in his hands. Dammit, I'm excited. Please, Mitch (and coaching staff) find a way to get him the ball!
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    Speed kills!

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    D.Jones is one of the most impressive players I have seen in person. His talent and potential is off the charts. Most of what I have seen has been at practices and I'm really hoping that a year of training at WR will allow him to translate that potential to game day. The kid played 2.5 weeks at WR in his life before the first game last year. I expect him to take a giant step forward this year. We should expect great things from him. I'd be shocked if he doesn't end this year as our biggest threat in the passing game. Drew may get more catches, but I expect Jones to be the game changer.
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    Jones will be great...Couldnt help but notice Campion and T Olson pass blocking...Yikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by die hard gopher View Post
    Gotta say, that is an impressive series of plays. Is it late August yet????????????????

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    Who is Donovan Jones?
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    I don't think I've ever read anything on gopher hole more spot on than these sentences. Ever.

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    Love Donovahn's potential. Also not a bad blocker, though that doesn't typically make WR highlight reels (Jared Ellerson, Michigan '05 notwithstanding).

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