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    Default All things RPI - Sagarin - Ken-Pom - BPI - Massey Ratings updates

    Looking at the Sagarin Ratings after Fridays games

    #1 - Indiana
    #4 - Duke
    #6 - Michigan
    #9 - Michigan St
    #10 - Wisconsin
    #11 - Ohio St
    #21 - Minnesota
    #31 - Memphis
    #34 - Iowa
    #37 - Illinois
    #50 - Stanford

    We would be 2-6 vs the Top 11 and 6-8 vs the Top 50.

    Some schools can't claim to have played 8 games vs Top 100 rated teams, much less 8 games vs Top 11 rated teams.

    Taking a sneek peek at some of todays early games, Memphis is pounding on a Southern Miss team with a really good win loss record. Will help our RPI a lot if they hold on to win.

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    The Ken-Pom Ratings are very similar to the Sagarins Ratings, with one surprising exception.

    Wisconsin is rated #5 in the Ken-Pom.

    Saturday's games

    Memphis wins,
    Richmond wins,
    American loses,
    Nebraska wins,
    Iowa loses,
    Toledo wins,
    N Flor wins,
    Amer U loses,
    Stanford loses,
    S Dak St loses,
    Tenn St loses.

    Not the best Saturday for the Gopher's RPI, but it could have been worse. Resume wise, Stanford is now just out of the Top 50, and SDSU is getting closer to dropping out and TSU is out of the Top 100 now.

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