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    Illinois was 51 in Sagarin before tonight's game, so we will have 5 top 50 wins tomorrow.

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    a NDSU win shy of a perfect night for the Gopher's Resume.

    Duke won
    Tenn St won
    S Dak St won
    N Flor won
    Illinois won - a good thing, hopefully they'll hang up in the Top 50 til the end of the season now?
    Indiana lost - a good thing for us, actually.
    USC won

    And in other games of interest

    Missouri ranked right behind us, lost, and a bad loss, vs a non Top 100 ranked team.
    Oregon ranked ahead of us, lost to Colorado, and only scored 47 pts.
    Belmont, a team that is ranked very high in the RPI, so their losing helps keep them in check.

    Now we just need to take care of our home court this week and we'll be looking good going into the OSU game.

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