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    Default I gaurantee that Minnesota will be ranked #1 after the Michigan game...

    in the STRENGTH OF SCEDULE rankings.

    Seriously, we are #2 right now and are playing a Top 10 rated team?! I think we'll have a solid lock on #1 in the SOS. Gotta think our RPI will look pretty good as well, especially if we win the game.

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    This thread title reminded me of the guy that said that Diamond Stone had verballed to the Gophers but to a lesser degree.

    You are probably right about RPI bouncing back to the 4 or 5 number if we win. I would also think we'd jump Duke in SOS. Would definitely be a resume booster.

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    NC St. is the only other ACC team in the current Top 25. Duke's SOS will continue to take a hit the rest of the season. Not that it's going to matter too much for them.

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