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    Hello GopherHole. Recent Gopher alum who moved to Lansing a few months ago. MSU has this huge rock that they allow students and fans-and rival universities-to paint on (more info here). In honor of the basketball team's 76-63 victory over the Spartans, I decided to participate in this tradition. Here is my masterpiece.


    I also found their centerpiece spartan statue which I wrapped my Gophers jacket around.


    Showed these to a coworker today (Michigan alum). He asked "what does 'SKEE-u-mah' mean?" Those silly Michiganders...

    Students return to campus this week. Would be fun to see their reaction.
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    Awesome work Gopher6!! Very well done and thanks for sharing!!

    Go Gophers!!

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    That's awesome!!

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    Well done Gopher6.

    I'm guessing access to Sparty is a lot easier now than when it's "Michigan week." When the MSU football or men's basketball teams play Michigan (maybe they do it for hockey, too, not sure) the students are on "Sparty watch" 24 hours a day. ... sleeping bags, food, extra security, the whole 9 yards. There have been some legendary desecrations of Sparty by Michigan students, and vice versa the MSU students on the Michigan campus.

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    You sir are an artist. Tell the Michiganders that Ski-U-Mah is an Ojibwa term meaning: "we enjoyed having our way with you".

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    Sweet! Just like "the game"! It was the best...and then some!

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