View Poll Results: who makes big ten championship game first: minnesota or penn state?

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    Default who makes big ten championship game first: minnesota or penn state?

    who makes big ten championship game first: minnesota or penn state?

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    hmmmm.....just trying to "stir the pot" aren't you? my,you are so provocative and truly ask the "tough" questions.

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    If Penn State makes it before us, that would likely mean we would be approaching 2030. If that is the case, we may as well just cut our football program.

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    Penn State.

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    Penn St will make the championship before Minnesota and it will happen before 2030 as suggested.

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    Well obviously Minnesota, since I have us pegged in the B1G championship game in 2014

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    I think this is a testament to the fact that Penn State is truly a football powerhouse. Even these harsh penalties, which have been argued on here as to whether or not they're worse than a 1, 2, 3 year death penalty, cannot stop a program like this from future resurgence. Truth of the matter is that they still have a 110,000 seat stadium, tons of loyal fans that will continue to support them, perhaps even galvanized by this whole situation and looking for new signs of hope by banding together.

    Yes, a 4 year, 10 scholarship loss is a lot. Yes, a 4 year post-season ban keeps them from winning the B1G or going to a bowl. And yes, players can switch to another team. But in 2 years, they can be telling recruits that they will have the opportunity to play for B1G/National titles for 2-3 years (depending on red shirts). Yes, because of the limitations on classes between now and 2016 they'll be thin on depth and experience but not on bringing in talent. They still finished 18th in recruiting (Rivals) last year in the wake of JoePa's death, uncertainty at future head coach, uncertainty of the program, and a tarnished team/program image. Don't forget that much of this came our DURING last year's season. There are articles and comments saying that the recruiting pitch of coming in and helping the program rebuild, be the new face of PSU football, etc will work on some, but not enough to "compete." I guarantee you that unless Kill wins a B1G championship in the next year, PSU will still pull in more 3-4* recruits than Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue, Minnesota, and possibly Illinois over the next 4 years. And can certainly be competitive with those teams mentioned.

    Unless I'm mistaken, PSU will still retain the share of TV revenue from both ESPN and BTN contracts, still has rights to their ticket revenue, and is *only missing out on the $60M fine by the NCAA and share of bowl revenue over 4 years, $13M. The 2010 season saw the PSU football program bring in net revenues of $53+M. That means that $73M over 4 years is an $18M hit to their bottom line (assuming they decide to pay for it over a 4 year period only and not take out longer term debt or borrow against their endowment while keeping net athletic dept revenues the same). Will this affect them? Absolutely. They won't be able to spend as much on recruiting, advertising, etc as they used to. One easy way to make this money up and still retain strict operating expenses necessary to remain competitive is to re-negotiate contracts for coaching staff on the football program. That could free up anywhere from $3-5M/year. But it will not cripple them for life. These sanctions are for 4 years. In the meantime they're still playing on national TV between ESPN and BTN. They still have thousands of fans. They'll be back to full revenue, recruiting/scholarship abilities, and national consideration for post-season play in a whopping 4 years. Penn State will survive and probably be winners and competitors on a consistent basis again before teams like ours. Which is depressing for us.

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    On another thread someone indicated that they won't be back to 88 scholarship players until 2019, and even then 25-28 will be true freshmen.

    I'd be surprised if PSU is in the title game before 2022. They only finished in the top two a few times in their first 18 years in the league.

    Not sure if the Gophers will get there first. I sure hope so!

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