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    I have never been a big Gopher hockey fan until recently. Oddly I become a fan this year and its been 32 years since I have lived in my native Minnesota. My cable package airs many Gopher Hockey games and I'm hooked. Even my wife, who chides me for being a Gopher football fan, has become a Gopher Hockey fan. She likes Nate Condon, but mostly because she can accentuate her fake Minnesota accent while saying his name. Gopher Hockey Board!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gopherguy05 View Post
    I love GPL...I think it is much better then the format here. To each their own. To start a new forum over here, you would need to bring in all new blood, because I'm sure most of the diehards over there aren't going to come over here from GPL.
    I'm on both, and agree fully.

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    You got your wish!

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    Lovely!! I have been meaning to 'complain' about the lack of a Hockey forum, just never got around to it. Thanks GH staff!!!

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