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    Default Gophers still on top

    probably because they didn't play this weekend.

    screw the PairWise rankings, If your ranked number one a couple times in a season you should get invited to the NCAA tournament.

    Go Gophers!

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    We are back up to 7 in the Pairwise rankings. I actually prefer Pairwise to polls, I think an objective formula that compares teams' performance against other top teams is preferable to letting sportswriters or coaches vote on who they think are the best teams.

    We got a lot of schedule help this weekend with CC taking 3 of 4 from DU and Alaska-Anchorage getting the split with Duluth. We are in the drivers' seat down the stretch, with four of our last eight games being at home against teams a ways down in the conference. DU could sweep us and we would still be ahead of them. We should be a lock for one of the top two spots and a quarterfinal bye in the Final Five. If the Gophs manage to finish below second, they will have only themselves to blame.

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