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    Default BTN Hockey Games

    As much as I hate the Big (mistake) Ten for creating a hockey conference I do have to say that they some SERIOUS work to do with their hockey coverage.

    First off I can't handle listening to Andrenga any longer! Or any other pro BADger commentators for that matter.

    Another classic mistake I noticed was during the intermission of the SCSU-UW game was when they posted the scores they put cornhusker logo in place of the Neb-Omaha logo.

    Oh BTN you have a long way to go with your awful hockey coverage.

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    Please explain to me how he is pro-badger? Honestly I'm dying to hear this response. He was pro-gopher the entire St. Cloud State game, and I will tell you right now I am definitely one of the biggest gopher hockey posters on this site. He is ten times better than what we have on FSN right now. LaPanta is an ADMITTED SIOUX fan. FSN should be ashamed for appointing him to Gopher hockey games. What a FU&KING disgrace.

    So BTN has horrible coverage because they misplaced a logo on accident...right.

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