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    Default Tubby does tend to.......

    yank people once they make a mistake, and that does hurt confidence, but surely little Al (jefferson being big Al) has to understand that a point guard just can't make as many mistakes, because when he does the ball goes the other way, and often on a fast break!

    Joseph is well behind Al in basic ball handling skills, but he has an advantge in other areas. I only see the competition getting tougher for Al with Cobbs on board next year and the talent level raising all our expectations.

    If he wants job security he needs to play better, As my old gray pappy used to say, "That's life in the big city."

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    Lefty, and as my Late Father used to say: "Welcome to the Big Time."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonlight View Post
    I went to the game with a friend who is a former BT point guard. He said he feels for Nolen, because he's playing like he's looking over his shoulder. He said he'd have a tough time playing in this situation - nerve racking to know that if you make a mistake you'll be yanked out. He thinks it would be hard for the PG to get in a game rhythm, overly concerned with losing their job.
    Although that may be Al's perception, it's BS. Al's early play this season entrenched him in the starting lineup and he continued to get the benefit of the doubt even after a series of poor games. If Al is looking over his shoulder, I hope that's where the mirror is, because he has no one to blame but himself and his own recent play.

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