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    Default Another reason big-time recruiting makes us plug our noses

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    IMO, this is not that bad. It is quite common, I would think too.

    The dad is clearly a good coach and would probably be a good assistant for any school. The father and son are not saying they will play together for sure or anything.

    IMO, Devoe Joseph's younger brother may have had something to do with Tubby recruiting him too. Devoe was a good player in his own right, but I am sure his younger brother made him more attractive.

    What if a school hires his dad and he doesn't even go there? If the dad was "pimping" his son, yes, it'd be an issue. However, the article seems like schools just started calling him.

    And what if the son wants to play away from his dad? Lots of kids want to be on their own for college, why is it certain Reese wants to play for his dad? A school can take that risk and Reese can choose his own school. Its when either of those are stopped (either no more risk -he'll for sure go there- or no more choice - he is forced to go there) that it is dirty.
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    J-Mychal? What a name!!!!

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