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  1. Default For those who think Purdue has ugly chicks

    Have you seen Drew Brees wife?

    Sorry to rehash an old argument

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    i still think purdue has 99.8% ugly chicks. the hot .2% are all exchange students from europe.

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    I have the Girls of the Big Ten Playboy magazine. N'western is easily the worst.

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    If she went to Purdue it wouldn't change many peoples mind of that theory. Shes not ugly but probably just okay, I wouldn't write home about it.
    Drew and her sound like great people from everything I've heard in the news and have meant a lot to the cities of New Orleans.
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    Meh. Nothing special.

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    She's unbelievable in my book. But every college has good looking girls, so what's the big deal? Ha. Just the number of hot girls change from college to college.

  9. Default Boilerman the Purdue campus is a sausage fest

    To many dudes on that campus. Northwestern is bad but I don't think they are 12th, that distinction proudly belongs to Purdue in the Big 11 conference. It isn't necessarily volume or quality for the "few and the proud" represented by Drew Brees wife as far as good looking women at Purdue it is the horde of uglies in West Lafayette and girls that look like dudes that set's them apart. I have two co-workers, both graduates of Purdue, engineers that you would swear with there short hair are dudes. The funny thing is that they are both married so beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

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    I lived in a dorm my freshman year that was made up almost entirely of engineering students. Of the 200+ women/girls in my dorm, there was exactly one hottie. I could point her out as the reason why hot chicks roamed the halls of my dorm but that wouldn't be telling the truth. One example doesn't mean it's the rule. It was clearly the exception and that's my perception of Purdue. Show me a run-of-the-mill guy that landed a hottie at Purdue and I might start listening. Don't show me the eye candy that the star QB pulled.

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    To set the record straight:

    1. Brittany Brees is hot.
    2. Purdue still has a vastly disproportionate amount of ugly chicks compared to the rest of the Big Ten, but...
    3. They have Northwestern beat.

    All this talk about B10 expansion is going to require someone doing research on what Pitt, Missouri, Rutgers, etc. bring to the table with hot chicks. We already know what Texas has to offer.

  12. Default My view on Purdue co-eds

    I wouldn't tap the hottest one on campus with Boiler Petes d!ck

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    News Flash: NFL Quarterback marries pretty girl. Film at 11.

    And here I thought that they randomly selected wives for these guys.

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    OK, first of all, my original post was pretty much a joke since it's been mentioned several times on this board that Purdue has ugly chicks and lacks the hotties.

    Look, I actually went to school there and trust me, there are plenty of chicks. Just because you were in WL for one weekend for a football game and probably got shot down or have a female co-worker from Purdue that is ugly, doesn't mean Purdue doesn't have any ladies. Every school has hot girls.

    Oh, and I also find it ironic that a bunch of nerds (myself included) are posting on a message board questioning the "hotness" of a certain school's chicks when in reality you would just sit in the corner and suck your thumb instead of approaching them in person

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