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  1. Default The amazing acting career of Sarah Holcomb

    Animal House (1978) and Caddyshack (1980) are two of the most influential, enduring, and funny comedies of all-time. These movies showcased many rising stars who continue to be featured in movies and maintain high profiles. Only one actor appeared in both of these movies, the young Sarah Holcomb.

    In Animal House, Holcomb played the character of Clorette DePasto, the 13 year old daughter of mayor Carmine DePasto. Clorette first appears at the toga party and soon hooks up with Pinto (played by Tom Hulce), who is unaware of her youth. She has several memorable moments in this movie-passing out right before her and Pinto were to engage in their activities, producing the memorable devil and angel on the shoulder scene for Pinto; being delivered to her home by Pinto in a shopping cart, greeting her parents at the front door drunk and in a toga; and in her final scene where she introduces Pinto to her parents at the parade, announcing that he was the boy she wanted to get married to.

    In Caddyshack, Holcomb played Maggie, the foreign girlfriend of Danny Noonan. Easily the most annoying character in this movie (and ranking high up on the scale of annoying characters of all time), Maggie´s clipped accent never fails to annoy when I watch this favorite movie of mine. When not talking, she´s equally annoying when dancing in her nightgown at night on one of the greens, after she discovered she was not pregnant. Despite all this, she did give my college buddies and I a favorite quote, repeated often when inebriated-"Tanks for nuthin!"

    Holmcomb only appeared in two other movies in her brief acting career, Walk Proud (1979) and Happy Birthday, Gemini (1980). She retired from acting reportedly due to drug and alcohol addiction, brought on in large part by the older actors from Animal House and Caddyshack. She is still alive and reportedly living in Connecticut under a different name. While long gone from the acting world, her work, notoriety, and trivial status live on in two of the comedic hallmarks of the late ´70s/early ´80s.

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    I had no idea they were the same actress. Two classic roles. Kinda like the movie version of a one hit wonder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schnoodler View Post
    I had no idea they were the same actress.
    Same here.

    I liked her better in Animal House.

    Cool link:

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    Thanks, that was a cool link.

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    Default Odd

    I had just learned about Sarah Holcomb and her abbreviated career a month or two back. I guess obscure pop trivia is a small world.

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