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Never been more excited as a fan. Huge props to Coyle for being aggressive.
This hire feels very much like the Arkansas hire of BB away from Wisconsin.

Hire a younger, energetic coach away from a "lesser conference" sure that he will be able to out recruit and out coach everyone else in the conference. A sure thing hire.

I hope it works out better for the Gophers than it did for the Hogs.

Based on watching Coach Fleck over the last month I am sure I will have little problem rooting just a little bit harder against the Gophers.

Fleck has his work cut out for him with player expulsions/suspensions but I suspect he will have no problem finishing out the fundraising for your new facilities.

As I said in a post yesterday, IMO he will either be successful and gone to a bigger program in 5 years or his act will have worn very thin. I give him a 60/40 on his chance of success.

Good luck and cue the FU responses
Not FU - fair point , buuuuut....

BB didn't build a program from terrible to ranked in 4 years (or whatever). BB gravy-trained a great coach and program builder, then bailed for a lateral move. Plus, Fleck seems like a good and uplifting human, while BB is an A-1 bellend.
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