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  1. I wouldn’t draft TJ

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    9 catches, 170 yards, and a TD. And all you can think about his what his one drop cost us?
    That’s what I’m thinking about. Not you?

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    A missed extra point and a missed FG cost us 4 points.

    PJ losing his cool and having to prove that he can run out on the field faster than the trainer cost us a first and goal.

    Bateman dropped a pass and Wiley bobbled two kickoffs.

    Durr ...
  2. Looking Back Previous Gopher Football Streaks

    The current streak the gophers are going through inspired me to look back to previous streaks my team has gotten to (and I went a long way back actually).

    Six wins at the start of the Gopher football is great for bowl eligibility. The year 2003 was the last time this happened. Ever since, it has never happened. Hitting a record seven wins to start the year is a record-breaking fun event. The last record of this occurred in 1960. And for knowledge sake, the last team to win its first ...

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  3. CBS ranks Gophers the worst of the remaining 16 un-beatens

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    It’s funny that during the off-season the Gophers were getting some top 25 love or am I thinking about another team?

    Great point! The Gophers were considered a fringe top 25 team in the preseason polls. Now that the record has been run up to 5-0, the Gophers are... a fringe top 25 team.
  4. (4) October 5 2019 Football Homecoming Tickets

    (4) Homecoming football tickets- Section 119, Row 15, Seats 13-16 $260. By student section and the marching band, lots of fun.
  5. Shama: Gophers, Bison in Box Office Matchup

    A[QUOTE=Eyedog;1785367]Such a bunch of arrogant wimps. Gopher football is the soy milk of UM. Good at the Gopher Gang bang but not so good on a football field where men run the show not wimps on molly running drunken white women.

    Gophers can’t beat NDSU. Just a bunch of arrogant braggarts that think finishing near the bottom of the big 10 for 50 years makes them respectable. Bars in the out state barely run the gopher games and if they do will switch to the Bison if asked. Gopher ...
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