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  1. High School team disqualified for wearing pink uniform accents.

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    A group of teenage basketball players thought they were instilling goodwill into the community when they decided to wear special pink accented uniforms in support of breast cancer awareness to a couple of their playoff games. The Narbonne High Gauchos in Harbor City, CA were instead slapped with a disqualification and bounced from the rest of post season on Monday for breaking a rule that prohibits teams from wearing any uniform colors but their official ones.

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    At this point, Pitino really has to consider some tinkering with the rotation. He can't just keep doing the same things and hope for different results.
    EE should be the starter again, for one. Walker doesn't hustle and doesn't execute fundamental basketball. The team follows suit.
  3. Official 2015 Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Stories, Rumors, etc.

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    Beebe is a beast, he could be a 4 year starter at FB. I love that this class seems to be solidifying our reputation as a physical downhill running team. Plenty of runningback options and big, mean O linemen.
    It's weird though, Rivals lists him as a LB. I always thought he was a FB all the way.
    I believe he will start at FB but there is the possibility of a position change.
  4. The Gophers have sold 6600 tickets as of this afternoon!

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    Actually, Sid has already purchased the other 2400 because it is important to him that he never be wrong in his column.
    Apparently Sid misheard a lot for allotment...not too bad considering he's 94.

    Bad day for Starky.
  5. Nebraska announces the hiring of Mike Riley as head coach.

    Riley is the type of coach I'd have loved to see the Gophers hire in 2010. But for Nebraska, that's a reach. Especially now that he's 61.
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