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  1. How could I not be a Gopher fan?

    While going to school, supporting a family, and working full time, the Twin Cities crossed my path by way of a job opportunity. With that meant the U of M became my third stop on the college road, which included three states.

    What unbelievable luck -- Lou Hudson, Archie Clark, and Don Yates were juniors my first year attending the U. That was the beginning of my close emotional attachment to Gopher athletics. In 1970 I bought six seats of season tickets for basketball. Gopher games ...
  2. What is your level of confidence for the Purdue game?

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    Gophers have a couple days more rest, at home, senior night, win could really solidify tournament chances, and while Purdue is a great team like most teams they aren't quite as good on the road. Going back to the end of January their last 4 road games have been a 99-90 OT win over Penn State, 70-56 loss to Maryland, 48-46 win over Indiana, and 75-72 win over Nebraska. This is the opportunity this team wants and need and I feel strongly the Gophers will take advantage of it.
    THIS!! ...
  3. All Things Matthew Hurt Thread (Rochester JM, Class of 2019)

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    Unreal if that happens. My only consolation is they don’t win a national championship.
    If it is true i have become very comfortable not wanting one and dones. The programs i follow do not get those kids but i like watching kids grow for 4 years in a program.
    I agree, but Hurt would be a game/program changer, being his is a MN kid.

    the fan base would grow a ton
  4. 2018-2019 transfer board - rumors and announcements

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    Who has been criticized more than PJ? In year 2? He was just named turkey of the year after going 6-6 and beating Wisconsin.
    He was named Turkey of the Year before going 6-6.
    And the guy that named him that hates his guts.
    Facts have never gotten in the way of the Flecktite narrative.
  5. DEEP THROAT Rides again to help save the American REPUBLIC...

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    Op-ED piece that depicts the current state of affairs with the fake prexy was submitted by a senior administrative official. Some Trump apologists put the source down...but NEVER believe them.

    Does the name: "...DEEP THROAT..." ring a bell? Deep Throat should be your history lesson for the evening. Deep Throat...Bob Woodward...Bernstein... Nixon. The end of this fake prexy T's reign of terror is on thin ice tonight.

    GOD Bless America!
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